Prairie Burn Today!

The District has hired professionals to conduct a prairie burn at the District’s Preserve today! We will be burning roughly 12 acres of prairie and wetland today, March 28, 2024, starting at 10:00am. The trails will be CLOSED during the burn. The burn will last a few hours. Please avoid the Preserve during this time.
Burning your prairie provides many benefits to the prairie ecosystem! Fire helps cycle nutrients and reduces the invasion of less desirable fire-sensitive species such as the non-native buckthorn. Fire is beneficial as it acts as nature’s gardener by trimming back trees and overmature shrubs that shade out sun-dependent plants, such as grasses and prairie flowers. After a burn, the blackened soil quickly absorbs sunlight. The warmed earth encourages seed germination. Charred plant remains turn into a rich fertilizer, encouraging new grass growth to sprout from the network of root systems deep below ground.