Native Plant Sale

It’s time to start planning next summer’s lake-friendly yardscaping! Remember that you can obtain high quality native plants at greatly reduced cost by taking advantage of the District’s “combined order” at Agrecol, a reputable local grower.

You can view available plants at The website provides information about each plant (sun exposure, soil, height, bloom periods) that you will need to choose plants that will do well in your yard. To estimate how many plants you will need, just remember each plant needs about one square foot, so, for example a four-by-five foot space would need 20 plants. Please become part of the growing near-lake community that is creating a lake-friendly watershed yard by yard. Planting native plants is one of the easiest and most successful ways we can improve water quality in our lake.

You can find the ordering sheet on our website at Orders must be received by Friday March 29th, 2024, including payment, at the District office. Questions? Please call the District office at 608-423-4537 or email at [email protected].