Pizza Ranch Fundraising Event

The Lake Ripley Management District is partnering with Pizza Ranch for a community impact fundraising event! We will be selling $10 frozen pizzas for you to [email protected]! 30% of the purchases will support the Lake Ripley Management District!
Starting on APRIL 24TH, you can order pizzas using the link below! But we want you to know about it way ahead of time so you can plan on loading your freezer with pizzas!
With 8 different pizza choices to pick from, you can get something for everyone in your family! We are giving you a two-week time frame to order your pizzas! You can order your pizzas starting Saturday, April 24th through Saturday, May 8th by 8:00pm.
You will order your pizzas online using this link: https://pizzaranchorder.com/towndrop/741802
You will pick up your pizza orders at the Oakland Town Hall on Saturday, May 22nd at 11am.
The proceeds will benefit the Lake Ripley Management District in our ongoing efforts to restore the Preserve!